[Lazarus] newbie questions

Massimo Soricetti notturno at quipo.it
Fri Jun 1 15:26:53 CEST 2012

Il 01/06/2012 12:05, Marco Ciampa ha scritto:
> 1) it "uses windows, graph;" where can I find reference info, examples
>     and other doc about these libs?
Hello Marco,

your questions hit the really, really painful issue about Lazarus and 
every other medium-large sized open source project: DOCUMENTATION IS 
CRAP :-(

You can find some old (but very good) Delphi .HLP files, since the VCL 
is not changed... but for everything newer than that, like jedi 
libraries or the new components, you are doomed to work your way among 
insufficient docs, source code and tiny sample projects. :-(((

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