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Martin lazarus at mfriebe.de
Fri Jun 8 10:31:21 CEST 2012

On 08/06/2012 08:52, Antonio Fortuny wrote:
>> The problem is that the stackdump permamently stops resolving, once 
>> this happens.
>> Since you are on 1.1
> yes in Vista WIN32 but not in my current development platform: Windows 
> server 2003 x64
> Lararus 0.9.31.
>> please install the package LeakView - then go to tools menu and open 
>> the leak view window
>> load the data
> I've installedthe package leakview but it does not help really:
>> .
>> there is a button "resolve". select the exe that leaked. it is a new 
>> feature. it SHOULD resolve any address for which symbols exist
the "resolve" button only exists in 1.1

so in 0.9.31 or before leak view does not help.

The resolve button SHOULD try to lookup the addresse. But it is new and 
not well tested yet.

It must have the same exe that produced the addresses. Using an equal 
exe compiled on another computer will give WRONG results.
And the exe must have debug info.

the only difference the "resolve" button does continue after unresolve 
able addresses. and it may handle mixed stabs/dwarf (not tested)
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