[Lazarus] External help dialog

Howard Page-Clark hdpc at talktalk.net
Sun Mar 4 00:05:32 CET 2012

The work being done to improve the Help functionality in Lazarus is much 
appreciated. One part of the newer interface that currently seems 
inadequate to me is the naming of the "Macrofy" button 

I think it is OK to name the underlying string function Macrofy, as a 
convenient neologism to describe the functionality. However, it does not 
work as a button label, being far too cryptic, and I think the hint 
description "Replace common directories with macros" (or something like 
it) should be part of caption of the control that initiates the macrofying.

Such a long phrase is probably too verbose for a button caption, but the 
present terse "Macrofy" is just too odd (at least in English, perhaps it 
works better in other languages), and it is too short, lacking the 
immediately obvious meaning that the button will effect a replacement of 
directory path names with macro substitutions.

I welcome the functionality, but think it needs to be presented to the 
user less cryptically.

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