[Lazarus] undefined reference to THREADVARLIST_X

claude Pomalo claude.pomalo at free.fr
Fri Mar 16 12:57:40 CET 2012


for a couple of days, i have a problem building a project on my laptop. 
the application fail to link with error
undefined reference to THREADVARLIST_X.

When moving the complete directory containing sources on another machine 
build fine without error

All other old project build fine on my laptop. if i make a new project 
it build also fine. I have tried to remove completly Lazarus + fpc and 
reinstall, the problem not solve

the project is hosted on a personal svn, checking out a fresh copy of 
the project give same result.
i have reinstalled binutils without change

my systeme is ubuntu 10.04-3 32 bits Lazarus Fpc 2.4.4

Has someone an idee to solve this?

many thanks

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