[Lazarus] Question on some resourcestrings

Haruyuki Fujimaki hryk_fujimaki at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 16 13:09:13 CET 2012


I am translating a lazaruside.po file taken from 0.9.31-35602.
I do not understand the meaning of some new resourcestrings:

1.liswatchscope with msgid "Watch scope"
Is this mean "scope of watch" or "to watch scope, click on here"? Where can I find the caption in new IDE?

2. lisissues with msgid "Issues"
The word issue has two major meanings: publication and problem(matter that in dispute).
Is the "Issues" means the former? Where can I find the caption in new IDE?

3. listemplateeditparamcellhelp with msgid 
"Inserts an editable Cell. Cells can be navigated using the tab key.%0:sThe \"param\" macro takes a list of comma separated arguments.%0:sThe first argument is the default value.%0:sThe 2nd argument (optional) can be used to link the cell to another cell (syncro edit)%0:s%0:s  while param(\"foo\") do param(foo);%0:sInserts 2 independent cells, both with the default text \"foo\"%0:sThe quotes are optional%0:s%0:s  if param(\"foo\") > 0 and param(\"foo\",sync=1) < 99 then%0:sInserts 2 linked cells, editing either one, will change the other one too%0:sThe value \"1\" refers to the position of the other \"param()\", so if there are more params:%0:s  if param(\"bar\") and param(foo) > 0 and param(foo,sync=2) < 99 then%0:sThe 2nd and third are linked. (the 3rd refers to \"2\") %0:s%0:s\"sync can be shortened to \"s\":%0:s  if param(\"foo\") > 0 and param(\"foo\",s=1) < 99 then%0:s%0:s  if param(\"bar\") and param(\"foo\") > 0 and param(\"foo\",sync) < 99
 then%0:sThe 2nd and third are linked.%0:sNote: \"Sync has no position and no \"=\", so it syncs to the previous cell with the same default (in this case \"foo\")"

Is the "if param(\"foo\") > 0 and param(\"foo\",sync=1) < 99 then" is a statement in a macro or something? How can I call this feature? Is there any tutorial for this feature?


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