[Lazarus] SIGSEGV with Debug only

Daniel Simoes de Ameida dopidaniel at yahoo.com.br
Fri Mar 30 03:06:01 CEST 2012

Hi All

I have a strange issue...

I'm currently using Lazarus 0.9.31 (update from SVN) with FPC 2.6.0
When I compile my application with debug information, I always get a SIGSEGV when closing one of my forms,on line 4805 of control.inc 
This Image shows the error.

However, when compiling without debug information, the errors do not occur (better this way) ..

I'm using Debug Info as Auto (-g) and Display Line numbers (-gl), Heaptrace Unit is also active (-gh)in Debug mode ...

Any hints ?

[]s Daniel

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