[Lazarus] Project management

Martin Schreiber mse00000 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 09:16:03 CET 2012

Am 01.03.2012 09:45, schrieb Marco van de Voort:

> Very easy. People do things. Not people try to force other people to do
> things, or try to extort other people to do things (if you do this, I might
> help out, or many other people will come).
> Don't blame the tools, don't blame core, don't blame the weather, just
> start.
> That is also what is wrong in these threads. All these threads about what is
> wrong with the docs have combined hundred times more lines then were
> contributed externally (by non core committers) to the docs.
I experience the same from time to time in MSEide+MSEgui project. People 
complain missing documentation and write if there were good 
documentation tools (which actually means if I would make them) they and 
other users would write documentation.
Don't believe such statements, it is not true. The mentioned Lufdoc from 
Lars is such a good tool for user contributed source documentation, it 
exists since a long time. AFAIK there is not a single Lufdoc 
contribution from MSEde+MSEgui users other than Lars.
The only thing what would happen if you or me would build the perfect 
documentation tool is that they would use that tools in their projects...
People who are willing to work on documentation are able to work with 
existing possibilities or improve the tools oneself.


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