[Lazarus] Project management

Hans-Peter Diettrich DrDiettrich1 at aol.com
Thu Mar 1 20:16:35 CET 2012

Martin schrieb:

>>> It does still cost time to write up all the info, and guarantees 
>>> nothing. While if someone wants to do work on something, there are 
>>> much better chances that the work (providing infos/answers) will bear 
>>> fruits.
>> This finally explains the often confuse and inconsistent 
>> implementations, found across the entire LCL :-(
> I consider this a sarcasm gone badly wrong.
> If those kind of implementation exist (rather than just being perceived 
> as such by individuals), then for those there are many reasons possible. 
> Many of which would still apply, even if ass the docs existed.
> What makes you thing out of all those reasons, it must be the missing docs?

Documentation readers will easily find what's wrong with an 
uncoordinated design, and can point the developers there. Then each 
involved developer can study the documentation of the others, instead of 
figuring out what the might had in mind when implementing their isolated 

E.g. I'm voting for a layout manager interface since years, derived from 
the already existing DockManager interface. But in the meantime many 
features have been implemented that make it almost impossible to add 
layout managers to the TWinControls. Even docking has been broken, and 
the IDE layout management follows another and again different and 
incompatible way. The time, spent in such different approaches, could 
have been used much better.


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