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The problem with "secretary's editors" like MS Word or Open/LibreOffice is
that they waste user's time with formatting and other non-content related
activities. With LaTeX and derivatives such as LyX, the user is free to be
productive. When I was working on my MSc paper, ages ago, I wrote some 40
pages in two months on Word, then converted it to LyX and created 40 more
pages in just one week.

2012/3/2 Graeme Geldenhuys <graemeg.lists at gmail.com>

> 2012/3/2 Alexsander Rosa :
> > I suggest convert it to LyX format.
> No need really. The newer OpenOffice and LibreOffice also supports the
> Flattened ODT format (older versions of OOo can install the plugin for
> this too). That is basically just an XML file (no zip archive like
> ODT). This makes it much better for version control systems to manage
> document revisions and patches. I'm not sure how Flattened ODT handles
> images though, but then again, for any large documents (like a book)
> it is anyway recommended (think of it as best practice) to link to
> images, and not embed images.
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