[Lazarus] Issue #0020655: Ability to set environment variable at IDE launch

patspiper patspiper at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 21:26:00 CET 2012

On 15/03/12 13:43, Mattias Gaertner wrote:
> You can use macros in the IDE options. For example:
> export FPC_VER=2.6.1 && ./lazarus
> Then you can use the macro $ENV(FPC_VER) in IDE options.
>  For relaunching use startlazarus:
> /home/me/Programs/lazarus/lazarus-svn/startlazarus 
> --pcp="/home/me/Programs/lazarus/config-lazarus-svn"
My bad! It relaunches fine now.
> Normally you set the compiler path to the fpc executable.
> The IDE will then get the fpc version from it. So you can use the 
> IDE's FPCVer macro. For example you can use this macro in the FPC 
> sources directory.
> Changing the compiler will automatically switch the FPC sources.
> Changing the target OS of the project automatically switches compiler 
> and FPC sources.
>  The compiler path of the IDE has already a history drop down list.
I'll stick for the time being to the script as it eliminates the need to 
set anything in the IDE options.
> > - Allow the export of environment variables such as the PATH in the
> > IDE's options.
> Yes, it's a todo to implement run parameters for the compiler (and the 
> other external tools).
Great! Once implemented, the script would be reduced to:
export FPC_VER=2.6.1

> >
> > This will not solve downside #3, as a script is still needed for the
> > --pcp option and the overlay scrollbars issue, but it will make
> > switching FPC versions a breeze.
> When you use macros, you only need one pcp and then you can use the 
> default.
I already use one config file (which is the pcp). What default are you 
referring to?

You are a treasure trove of info!

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