[Lazarus] Question on some resourcestrings

Haruyuki Fujimaki hryk_fujimaki at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 16 22:24:29 CET 2012

>>  1.liswatchscope with msgid "Watch scope"

>>  Is this mean "scope of watch" or "to watch scope, click on 
> here"? Where can I find the caption in new IDE?
> Scope of Watch

OK, Thank you.

>>  3. listemplateeditparamcellhelp with msgid "Inserts an editable Cell. 

> This is in "Code Templates" ("Tools" menu).
>   See "arrayc" for example
> enter "arrayc" (without quotes) then hit ctrl-j
> see "trycf" for sync

I can't find the long message regarding to cell in the code template window including "select code macro" sub-window.
Please give me additional hint.


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