[Lazarus] Dockable IDE

Hans-Peter Diettrich DrDiettrich1 at aol.com
Sun Mar 18 04:11:18 CET 2012

Paul Ishenin schrieb:
> 18.03.12 1:02, Hans-Peter Diettrich написал:
>> Please explain?
>> What's "Delphi like docking", and in how far is it different from the
>> EasyDockManager implementation?
> At least the implementation of lazdocktree and easydockmanager is 
> different.

These are only different implementations of the same (TDockManager) 
interface. I found LDockTree unusable, failing already on slightly 
nested layouts. It also lacks layout streaming, required in applications 
like the IDE. Dunno about the current state, though...

I'm still waiting for a justification of:
Dodi has implemented an own vision of docking while delphi like docking 
still works.
I never implemented anything Delphi-incompatible, in contrast to anchor 


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