[Lazarus] Why does a project have to be open?

Anders E. Andersen andersa at ellenshoej.dk
Sun Mar 18 09:01:05 CET 2012

Den 17-03-2012 09:48, Mattias Gaertner skrev:
> The idea of the modal dialog is that it sits there and waits for you 
> to tell it what to do. 

I would rather it just sat there and did nothing. No dialog.

>> Why does it have to open a window forcing me to create or open a project?
> There is little it can do without a project.
> This confused some people, so the dialog was added.

But isn't this what Delphi does? It should be familiar behaviour that 
you just have an empty ide and you have to go into the project menu to 
create a new project.

You can maybe say that in Delphi you have the html-view where you can 
see a list of recent projects and there is a link to start a new project 
or open an existing one and that this is comparable to that. It is just 
a normal modal form instead of a html view.

I can kind of see it that way, probably. It has a little bit to do with 
all the floating windows in lazarus. I think the one window style of 
delphi is nicer as well. That way this dialog could be just a panel that 
replaced the form editor or code pane when there was no project open. 
That would be my preference.


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