[Lazarus] RE : Lazarus crashing reproducibly on startup (64-bitLinux)

brian brian at meadows.pair.com
Tue Mar 20 09:23:57 CET 2012

On 03/20/2012 03:45 AM, Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:
> brian wrote:
>> This is the Debian-based version of Mint. Standard Mint is
>> Ubuntu-based but the Debian version is for those who prefer a
>> rolling distribution. AFAIK, the current build is based on Debian
>> Wheezy.
>> I've tried downloading the svn version, and there's some problem
>> with libgdb.a, I can't even get FPC to build, let alone Lazarus.
>> There are YARDS of undefined globals. I finally got an answer from
>> someone on the FPC list (after just being told "fix your GDB") and
>> I'm trying to work my way through that at the moment.
> Granted that not all messages get through our gateway, but is that the
> thread from October last year? I only ask because your recounting of
> that advice does sound somewhat... brutal.

Yes. I'm certain that the first answer I got said precisely and ONLY 
that, but I can't find it in the folder now I look back. Either I'm 
going ga-ga or it was a private reply or I just nuked it in disgust. 
If that's all you have to say, why bother posting? I can't even 
remember the name of the responder now. Apologies to you as you did 
try to help - but it's not until I looked back and saw Pierre's 
message that I've made any progress.

> I fairly regularly build both FPC trunk and the current release on
> multiple platforms (but markedly /not/ on x86-64) and in many cases
> drop libgdb from FPC since it's only required for the fp IDE. Looking
> at your list of undefineds, I think the right question would have been
> "how can I build a vanilla libgdb that doesn't require a whole lot of
> Python libraries etc."- and I'm afraid that's one for the gdb
> developers rather than us.

So you're telling me that *any* program which I need to build myself 
and which pulls in libgdb is going to have all those undefineds? That 
does sound to be a bit of a shortcoming if so! I did try installing a 
bunch of Python libraries as well, but didn't get anywhere.

Anyway, I shall keep bashing away at trying to get the svn versions to 
build and install, and see whether they cure the latest problem. It 
will take me a little while to get it done, but I'll report back if I 
manage to fix it - I'm not too keen on the alternative, which is 
trying to resurrect my Fortran from umpty-mumble years ago.


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