[Lazarus] lazbuild build IDE profiles

waldo kitty wkitty42 at windstream.net
Wed Mar 21 04:40:46 CET 2012

On 3/20/2012 22:31, waldo kitty wrote:
> i have 590 hits on the term "interfaces" in my log... that's all hits...
> multiples per line are counted individually... i know it is too big to
> attach... so now what?? :(

and "interfac", an 8 character fallback(??) turns up 17183 hits including all of 
the "interfaces" entries...

but only 24 hits for "/interfaces/"...

i don't understand or see what is taking place so i'm at a complete loss... some 
of what i see seems to be trimming "interfaces" back to an 8 character string 
and then searching for "interfac"...

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