[Lazarus] Size of binaries etc.

Martin lazarus at mfriebe.de
Wed Mar 21 15:26:08 CET 2012

On 21/03/2012 14:07, Paul Ishenin wrote:
> 21.03.12 20:06, Martin wrote:
>> Compiling an empty form, smartlink, withdout heaptrc, and stripped (use
>> strip.exe) should come to 1.9 Mb on Lazarus trunk.
> As I remember that was about 1.6 Mb but with win32 widgetset. Gtk2 
> widgetset need much work to achieve the same results (as you should 
> remember the main problem is code like If someobject is TSomeLCLClass 
> then ....).
> Also we can split resources to add between widgetsets. For example os 
> x widgetsets does not need drag cursors because they are built in. Gtk 
> does not need various button images because of the same reason.

And windows does not usually display button images.

So they get included, only because people can turn the property to "on"

I think, the same trick can be used.
- Have them included by a unit that is not used in the LCL (and check 
for failure, if trying to use them)
- But have them by default in every app's uses

Then users can strip them off, if they want

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