[Lazarus] Compile error

ajv ajv at vogelaar-electronics.com
Thu Mar 22 09:03:08 CET 2012


I installed fpc 2.6.0 as root on Mandriva Linux 32 bit using the rpm 
    FPC is running fine using the fp ide.
I installed the Lazarus sources from svn update 36210
- $ cd lazarus
- $ make clean all
After a while a compile error occurs :

Compiling /home/user/lazarus/packager/installpkgsetdlg.pas
Compiling /home/user/lazarus/packager/confirmpkglistdlg.pas
Compiling /home/user/lazarus/packager/newpkgcomponentdlg.pas
pkgmanager.pas(3197,55) Error: Call by var for arg no. 1 has to match 
exactly: Got "TLazPackage" expected "TIDEPackage"
pkgmanager.pas(4793) Fatal: There were 1 errors compiling module, stopping
Fatal: Compilation aborted
make[2]: *** [lazarus] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/user/lazarus/ide'
make[1]: *** [ide] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/user/lazarus/ide'
make: *** [ide] Error 2

Do you know how to resolve this "TLazPackage" / "TIDEPackage" issue?


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