[Lazarus] [fpc-pascal] SQLdb: problem using GDB, but do not have memleak

Marcos Douglas md at delfire.net
Thu Mar 22 14:30:54 CET 2012

On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 12:33 PM, Martin <lazarus at mfriebe.de> wrote:
> On 21/03/2012 15:11, Marcos Douglas wrote:
>> On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 12:01 PM, Martin<lazarus at mfriebe.de>  wrote:
>>> So far I have no plans to update to 7.4 until either:
>>> - I find some existing problem solved in it
>>> - I start supporting new features
>>> However, my tests so far, have not shown any problems when using 7.4.
>> So, when you move to 7.4 the only thing I need to do is update from SVN,
>> right?
> yes.
>> To everything work together between FPC 2.6.1 and Lazarus trunk, what
>> are the best OPT options to compile both?
>> I always used "-gl" and never had problems. Jonas said OPT="-O- -gl"
>> that is one more option.
>> Well, I need to use this option(s) in Lazarus Build too. I use the IDE
>> to do this. So, the right way is click in "Configure Build" and put
>> the same OPT in Options box, is that right?
> Well do you want/need fpc with debug info?

Yes, sometimes, to know what is happening in RTL.
Do you want an example? http://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=21529

> If yes, then the fpc makefiles include -O2 and you need to cancel that.
> Because "-O2 -O1" is still -O2, but "-O2 -O-1" (or the long version "-O2 -O-
> -O1") is -O1

Cool. Thank for this tip.

> In any case, that affects if you can inspect variables in the RTL.
> It does not seem to be related to the original issue
> Mind: rtl with debug info, will step into every ansistring_dec/inc_ref and
> similar. That can be highly annoying

Yeah, I know... =)   but I just put a new breakpoint in somewhere and
press F9 to pass.

> But: rtl with debug info also allows to access some global vars (like the
> local time-date-format setting var)
> Whatever you do:
> -g defaults to stabs
> I recommend to not mix stabs and dwarf (it may work, but I do not know).
> So use the same for LCL, packages and app
> Maybe best to be explicit
> -gs
> -gw -godwarfsets
> -dwarf allows some properties (those directly mapped to a field)
> -stabs (and modern gdb) can do -gp (preserve the case of symbols, instead of
> getting the all caps stuff.
> I have NOT got a full list of diffs...

OK, I'll play with this. Thank you very much.

Marcos Douglas

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