[Lazarus] Is it meaningful or possible to change the visibility or the properties and events in a form or datamodule, ie make the private or protected?

Michael Fuchs freepascal at ypa-software.de
Fri Mar 23 15:02:44 CET 2012

Am 23.03.2012 14:55, schrieb Frank Church:
> [...]  I'd prefer to look only at the public section and say, Oh,
> this is what it does for the program's other modules. Whatever isn't
> there is not relevant to the rest of the application.
> I understand that it comes from a Delphi legacy as RAD tool dating
> from a time when the principles underlying object orientation had not
> properly sunk in. [...]

You can already do this by changing the way you are programming. Just 
write a class which only publish the needed methods and properties to 
the outside.
Don't let the Application create and control your forms, move this to 
your class. So, your class hides the forms, datampdules and other stuff.


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