[Lazarus] Size of binaries etc.

Bernd prof7bit at googlemail.com
Fri Mar 23 20:38:58 CET 2012

2012/3/21 Mark Morgan Lloyd <markMLl.lazarus at telemetry.co.uk>:
> On Linux x86 (Debian "Squeeze") with gtk2, freshly-created minimal project
> with full optimisation, no debug, optimise for minimum size and smart
> linking comes to 3,459,960 bytes.
> That's... such a disparity from what I've been told to expect that I'd
> appreciate any suggestions as to where I should be looking for problems.

You must be doing something wrong. On i386-linux/GTK2 with everything
smart-linkable and smart-linked and stripped I get 2MB (2113600 bytes)
for a minimal application with only one button and one label.
(everything compiled with -g- -O3 -CX -XX -Xs)

With upx the 2MB go down to 700kB, without smart-linking I get around 4MB.

Make sure while you are compiling your project in Lazarus you also
have -CX in the options of the "build lazarus" Dialog because
otherwise when compiling your project it will automatically
(re-)compile the LCL without smartlinking. It will always recompile
(if necessary) the LCL and all dependent units with the settings that
are currently active for "build lazarus" whenever you compile a

(I discovered this by accident but it is quite useful: I always
thought I had to explicitly recompile the entire Lazarus after
changing these options but it is enough to just change the options and
then only recompile your project)


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