[Lazarus] FPC & Lazarus installation including cross compiling from source

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Wed Mar 28 17:21:22 CEST 2012

Marco van de Voort <marcov at stack.nl> hat am 28. März 2012 um 17:10

> > That is one approach.
> > Another is to use VMs.
> Too slow. Tried it for FPC release building, but checkout, export + build
> takes >40 mins (Core2 6600. Virtualbox with hardware virtualization

Here it takes only a few minutes.

> > I ended up stacking relative cheap Pentium D boxes (HP office machines,
> typically dc7600sff 2.8GHz, 1GB, 80GB hdd for Eur 55-65, inaudible when
> idle).  Nobody wants PIV's and derivatives anymore, but the later Pentium
> series have 64-bit capability, DDR2 and sata, so are relatively cheap to
> maintain if something breaks down, and the default config is enough for
> release building.
> Cheap usb KVM, first generation TFT monitor. Whole stack under a table,
> relative low on space.
> (all el cheapo since typically only used during release time)
> Disclaimer: wife-acceptancy-factor not an issue here.
> > VMs are nowadays very easy to setup and they run almost as fast
> > even faster) as the host system.
> Only hypervisors run fast. Anything heterogenous with an image as storage
> is quite slow. Slower than 5 year old HW from the dumpster.

I was suprised that some of my virtualbox images compiled Lazarus faster
than my host machine.

I didn't tune anything, so I can't give any advice.
Maybe I was just lucky.

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