[Lazarus] SIGSEGV with Debug only

Daniel Simoes de Ameida dopidaniel at yahoo.com.br
Fri Mar 30 18:14:00 CEST 2012


I use a Tab Style interface... (TDI)... so, I change the Owner/Parent in this function:

procedure TFormDJ_Main.ShowFormInPage(const AForm : TForm ;
  const ImageIndex : Integer) ;
   APage   : TFormPage ;
  nbForms.Visible    := True ;    { Shows NoteBook }
  FecharAba1.Enabled := True ;    { Habilita Opão no Menu Principal }
  btFechaAba.Visible := True ;    { Shows Close Buttom on TopRight }

  //Create a new Page
  APage            := TFormPage.Create(nbForms) ;  // This will call TFormPage.SetAForm
  APage.ImageIndex := ImageIndex;
  APage.AForm      := AForm;

  //activate the Page
  nbForms.ActivePage := APage;

procedure TFormPage.SetAForm(const AValue : TForm) ;
  fsAForm := AValue ;

  Caption := fsAForm.Caption;
  Color   := fsAForm.Color;

  fsAForm.BorderStyle := bsNone ;       
  fsAForm.Align       := alClient ;  

  // Change  Aform Owner and Parent
  fsAForm.Parent := Self;
  ChangeOwner(fsAForm, Self);
  //  AForm.FreeNotification(APage);

  fsAForm.Visible := True ;

Thanks for your help

[]s Daniel

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>Assunto: Re: [Lazarus] SIGSEGV with Debug only
>On 30/03/2012 16:11, Daniel Simoes de Ameida wrote: 
>>Is the HeapTrace.. I just removed HeapTrace Unit from Linking
          and the problem has gone... 
>No it has not gone.
>It is only hidden. That means you lowered the likelihood of it
>The code still accesses an object that does not exist. That means
    random memory.
>Without heaptrc, you simple got better likelihood, that this random
    memory contains data, that does not cause a crash. 
>But the bug is still there. It may still crash...
>Since it happens at form close, maybe you freed some component in
    your code?
>Changed owner of a component (moving to other form)?
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