[Lazarus] make useride is dumping some source code to the console (but then succeeds to build the IDE)

Bernd prof7bit at googlemail.com
Sat May 26 20:33:27 CEST 2012

Very strange:

bernd at t40:~/lazsvn/lazarus/trunk\ $ make useride
./lazbuild --lazarusdir=. --build-ide=
primary config path: /home/bernd/.lazarus
TPkgManager.OnGetBuildMacroValues Error: Error: (3,17) operator
expected but ( found
// LCLWidgetType
if undefined(LCLWidgetType) then begin
  if GetIDEValue('OS')=TargetOS then begin
    // use the same widgettype as the IDE
    LCLWidgetType := GetIDEValue('LCLWidgetType');
    if LCLWidgetType='nogui' then
  if LCLWidgetType='' then begin
    if (TargetOS='win32') or (TargetOS='win64') then
      LCLWidgetType := 'win32'
    else if TargetOS='wince' then
      LCLWidgetType := 'wince'
    else if TargetOS='darwin' then
      LCLWidgetType := 'carbon'


and thousand more lines follow.

Then it continues to build everything, including the IDE. Did I mess
up something? I cannot find anything suspicious in the "build lazarus"
settings and also nothing in the lazarus project file. What can be the
cause of this?

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