[Lazarus] Embarcadero vs Lazarus/FPC (Oracle vs Google)

Dimitri Smits smitco at telenet.be
Tue May 8 18:29:38 CEST 2012

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> FPC and it's core design have been around prior to Embarcadero's
> purchase of Delphi from Inprise. At the point of purchase
> Embarcadero was responsible for objecting to FPC
> and they could have avoided said purchase.


that same argument could be made for Oracle's purchase of Sun (and therefore java IP) with regard to Google and Android's Dalvik. 

Java was being open sourced by Sun a few years prior to the takeover. Android was around, with Dalvik compiler and language similar to java, prior to the purchase. 

what I'm worried more about is that there are open implementations of the java specification (read: jvm) around. OK, they strive to be api-compliant and implement all the interfaces of the entire JRE libraries and do not tend to cherry-pick features/classes. 

If Oracle wins, then it might be the end of java and java developments alltogether. This being a pascal-oriented mailinglist, I probably should hold my tongue :-), but I would find that sad. (both as a professional and hobby developer) 

Oracle doesn't have the backing of a java-community anymore since they purchased Sun and started dismantling the community processes (JCP). I doubt this move will win them souls. 

On the other hand, with the demise of .net and java in a 2 year timeframe, maybe OP skills wouldn't look so bad after all :-) 

(yes, I know, with 10+ years of Delphi experience I still have to explain on every job/networking session that pascal isn't dead - so say we all) 

Dimitri Smits 
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