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On 9 May 2012 15:35, Martin <lazarus at mfriebe.de> wrote:
> The inspect and watches have different purpose...

Which are? Even from my delphi days I never used Inspect, only Watches
- maybe I missed something all these years. :-)

> So the questions are (if the grid is fixed):
> 1) what is the preferred display:
> - treeview
> - grid

I would still go for the treeview as it could nicely display the
hierarchy of properties (if supported). The Object Inspector grid in
Lazarus proves the grid fails this point. A standard grid was not
enough to display all property values, so the grid had to be extended
to support a treeview-like node which you click to expand. Yes I know
all Delphi and Lazarus developers should be used to this ideal, but it
shows the grid analogy was not good enough to start with.

> One thing, that I believe should be fixed (but does not have to be a hold
> back) is that methods use many lines (http://imagebin.org/211658 )
> FOnSubstitution uses 10 lines. Imho using 1 (scrollable) line in the grid is
> much better.

To be fair, Darius's "parsing" of the debug data was very rudimentary
(duping the data into a TStringList), but it kept the code simple and
solved the [scrolling and clipping] problem at hand. Least amount of
code to get a suitable solution to a problem. So this could easily be
solved with slightly improved parsing of the debug data.

[I guess this deserves a new message thread]
Now on to another point I was going to raise, and your screenshot
confirmed it for me. I know this is not your area of expertise.... But
why is the toolbar buttons so butt ugly under GTK2, but pretty and
anti-aliased under Windows?
See attached screenshot of how the Watches window looks under GTK2.

  - Graeme -

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