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William Oliveira Ferreira bdexterholland at gmail.com
Sat May 19 17:55:44 CEST 2012

2012/5/19 Maxim Ganetsky <ganmax at narod.ru>

> 19.05.2012 19:44, William Oliveira Ferreira написал:
>  Now, when trying to build again, i got this message:
>> C:\lazarus\ide\sourceeditor.**pp(3009,47) Error: Identifier not found
>> "acoTab"
>> why should i'm taking many problems to build this unit? do you know?
> Your Lazarus checkout appears to be broken.

Do you know what could broke a checkout?

I'm asking this because i've done a svn update on linux and it gones fine...
William de Oliveira Ferreira
Bacharel em Sistemas de Informação
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