[Lazarus] Missing some database components

Reinier Olislagers reinierolislagers at gmail.com
Mon May 21 07:33:02 CEST 2012

On 20-5-2012 22:47, William Oliveira Ferreira wrote:
> I'm seeing that registersqldb.pas try to register all connectors (if it
> corresponding flag is active). So, i'm seeing too that TMSSQLConnection,
> TSyBaseConnection, TMySQL55Connection and TFBAdmin aren't available to
> drop on my projects. How can i install them?

You haven't mentioned Lazarus+FPC version+platform, which would surely
have been helpful...

The secret is indeed in the flags... They are meant to make sure that
people seeing the components on the palette actually can use them as well.

The flags are defined earlier based on FPC version and platform,
depending on which FPC version supports the underlying components.

E.g. FBAdmin depends on the FPC TFBAdmin component, which is only
available on FPC trunk.

IIRC, MSSQLConnection depends on FPC fixes 2.6 (=2.6.1) or higher, and
will run on all major platforms except OSX.
Same for Sybase.
(Note: you'll also need the FreeTDS library installed to connect to a
database, similar to how you would install a PostgreSQL or Firebird driver).

You might want to upgrade to a newer snapshot/version of FPC+Lazarus
that uses FPC 2.6.1.

Either that, or compile the relevant db units yourself in an earlier FPC
I don't think FBAdmin will have big problems (but don't know the code
too well). Sybase/MSSQLConnection will work on FPC 2.6.0, but you'll
need to adapt it a bit on 2.4.x

Good luck!

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