[Lazarus] Documentation for the packages shipped with Lazarus

Kenneth Cochran kenneth.cochran at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 04:35:52 CEST 2012

I am trying to find information on the packages that are included by
default with Lazarus (Win64). Many of their names aren't very descriptive
and the majority of them don't include enough information in the "Package
info" section of the Install/Uninstall Packages dialog to make an
informed decision about whether to install them.

None of the packages in the "Install" list display anything more than a
file path and a (redundant) indication that they are installed. Can I
assume that these all provide some necessary functionally for the IDE,
which would otherwise be either crippled or of limited value without them?

Most of the ones in the "Do not install" list at least have the author's
name and a vague description of the package's purpose (some display nothing
at all). Are these descriptions maintained by the contributing authors?

I have found some information by searching for the package's names on the
internet but a new user shouldn't need to google a package when there's a
perfectly good "Package Info" section that's not being used effectively.

My final question is: If I were to research each of these packages and
determine their purpose how would I go about contributing more detailed
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