[Lazarus] RightToLeft Forms (for Hebrew, Arabic...)

Avishai avishai.gore at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 15:25:45 CEST 2012

Working with RightToLeft Forms (for Hebrew, Arabic...) under Windows has
many problems.  I have found a few solutions to some of the problems, but
the solutions often create new problems.  The biggest problem is that when
Themes are active and a TWinControl is mirrored, the TCanvas becomes
corrupted and unusable.  If you disable Themes, things work much better.  I
have search through Lazarus code for a very long time and have not been
able to find where things go wrong with Themes.

Another major problem is that Lazarus does not conform to Windows
RightToLeft design (for Windows.  I don't know how other OS's handle
RightToLeft).  Maybe that is because Delphi developers never understood
RightToLeft.  BiDiMode has been obsolete since Window XP and should have
been abandoned long ago and been replaced with Windows RightToLeftLayout.
 I am using Windows RightToLeftLayout which leads to some very strange
results, but for the most part, it works very well.

If there are any others that have to work with RightToLeft Forms, I would
love to work with you to find solutions.

avishai.gore at gmail.com
אבישי גוֹר
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