[Lazarus] Remote application

Santiago A. svaa at ciberpiula.net
Mon Oct 29 11:54:16 CET 2012


I have an old delphi application (a small ERP) running on a customer.
People connect using Windows Remote Desktop.

There are plans to increase the number of remote connections a lot (due
crisis, many employers will work only partial time from their homes). I
think that the remote desktop solution won't scale well. Licenses can be
expensive and RDP wastes a lot of resources Why in the hell should we
supply a full desktop when people only need to run tiny application?.
Due people who connect remotely don't need the full application, just a
small subset, I was thinking about programing a reduced version in
Lazarus as frontend of the data, and show only the GUI remotely.

I have a couple of ideas:

Using a remote Xwindows server (Are there good Xwindows server for win32?)
Making a web application using ExtJs

Any hint? New ideas? Experiences?


svaa at ciberpiula.net

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