[Lazarus] 2do: about DBGrid from hfiandor 31 oct 2012

Héctor F. Fiandor Rosario hfiandor at infomed.sld.cu
Wed Oct 31 17:02:19 CET 2012

dear colleagues:

i have found how to fix the name of columns with the field´s name, and i have found how to fix the width of each colum. It works in a pretty way.

as i have 20 fields with data about "projects", the last ones scroll the screen to the right and the PC´operator lost the project´s name and i am thinking to put and edit box in the upper place of the DBGrid to show the project´s name (one of the firsts fields of the record) for the active row. If i used a simple edit box, it can be programmed in the OnKeyPress Event, but I don´t know how to do it in the case of a dbGrid.

Another question: Can I obtain the Sum of each colums and put in a StringGrid placed above the DBGrid?

thanks in advance,

yours truly,

Ing. Héctor F. Fiandor Rosario
hfiandor at infomed.sld.cu


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