[Lazarus] [Ask] Create user domain

Reinier Olislagers reinierolislagers at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 12:10:44 CEST 2012

On 1-10-2012 3:00, ddtopgun wrote:
> hi all
> i'm new in freepascal but i want to make user domain with freepascal, so
> can anyone help me where i must to started to create/delete/list user
> domain.
> thanks,

It depends on what you mean by a "user domain". Do you want to keep
track of users and passwords?
Or do you want to integrate with Microsoft Active Directory? I don't
know if there is AD code for FPC in FPC itself, but there is an LDAP
unit which may (partly) fit your needs.

Can you tell us a bit of your higher level goals - i.e. what problem are
you trying to solve with a "user domain"? This may help define your
problem a bit more.


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