[Lazarus] Include files extension

Bernd prof7bit at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 13:02:48 CEST 2012

2012/10/10 Marco Aurelio Ramirez Carrillo <stardev.mramirez at gmail.com>:

> Altought FPC, allows you to include a text file with any extension, I
> would like to propose that the Lazarus I.D.E.
> explicitly allows an additional file extension,
> maybe "*.incpas", "*.ipas" or "*.incp".

I'm not a fan of too many different file extensions for the same
purpose. Ideally there should only be one and personally I even find
the existence of *.pp vs. *.pas already a bit annoying.

My own practical problem with file extensions is that services like
for example github don't know all possible file extensions when it
comes to syntax highlighting or collecting info about used programming
languages (I want to contribute pascal usage to the statistics) and my
personal solution to circumvent this is to use only .pas for my own
code and even my include files now all have the extension .pas
(currently I am using inc_something.pas or unitname_inc_something.pas
so that all my include files appear next to each other in a directory
listing, previously I have tried to use .inc.pas but Lazarus did
complain about dotted names so I don't do this anymore)

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