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William Oliveira Ferreira bdexterholland at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 13:31:37 CEST 2012

apt-get install gdb ?

on Mint, i must install gdb manually...

2012/10/15 Kamen Ketev <kamenlist at abv.bg>

> Hi,
> I install Lazarus from  ****Debian**** ****Repository****  under Ubuntu
> and compyle new project without problem. But can't find debugger. I
> install Lazarus 1.0.2 from sf and compyle new project without problem.
> Without debugger they runs. Please tell me where I can find debugger  under
> Ubuntu. Thanks!
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> 2012/10/8 Mattias Gaertner <nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de<http://../servlet/sendmess?ac=sab&to=nc-gaertnma@netcologne.de>
> >:
> > That's a lot
> > of work and I'm glad they do it.
> The problem is the Debian packages from Debian don't do it either!
> They consist of many hundred lines of convoluted unmaintained(!)
> script that is trying to press every possible button the debian
> packaging system provides (except the new dh overrides which would
> simplify matters) (it has meta-packages and virtual packages and
> versioned packages, it is using update-alternatives for no reason (who
> wants to install two different ancient(!) versions of Lazarus
> simultaneously?)), it is ripping apart lazarus into many small pieces
> and introducing new bugs and damaging Lazarus' reputation and the only
> thing it is *NOT* doing is installing all needed files where they
> belong! It does not install mime types, it is trying to intstall a
> default config file that does not even exist anymore, when you start
> it for the first time it will complain about wrong paths and packages
> installed but no .lpk files found (probably because lazarus-ide fails
> to depend on lazarus-src which is *essential* for using the ide, why
> did they split it in the first place?), even a simple make install
> even in the current limited form would immediately give a better
> install than the debs from Debian.
> I would rather not see any of these half-baked and broken Debian
> packages at all in any of the repositories so that no new user
> accidentally installs them and then immediately comes to the
> conclusion that Lazarus is completely broken and unusable because that
> is exactly what currently happens when one installs Lazarus from the
> Ubuntu software center.
> I vote for dumping this broken and unmaintained packaging entirely and
> rewrite it from scratch in a much simpler way with only two packages,
> one containing everything needed for building from the command line
> with lazbuild and another package containing the ide, the source and
> all the rest that is needed to use the ide because this is the only
> logical and natural separation that would make sense. Everything going
> beyond that would be nonsense and wasted manpower.
> If Lazarus and Pascal programming and Pascal units are by design
> incompatible with the way how Debian is organized or how its ancient
> bureaucratic policies blindly dictate and they cannot put such simple
> and working packages into their Repository then so be it! It doesn't
> matter! An alternative repository can be set up in one afternoon and
> Debian could no longer damage the reputation of Lazarus by providing
> ancient and broken packages.
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