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Kamen Ketev kamenlist at abv.bg
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 "is the 0.9.30 version from the Debian repositories better than the

0.9.30 from the Ubuntu repositories?" 
I don't know. I am using USU, which I think is based on Ubuntu and using
 Ubuntu repositories. 
Lazarus was installed by default, compiles empty project. If don't use gdb or install manually like suggested in previously mail project run. I remove
Lazarus Install fpc, fpc-src and Lazarus 1.0.2 from sf. Install gdb
  as suggested in previously mail. Empty project runs without problem. I was trying to import test graphical project (digital clock) but visualization was only for circle. Arrows not shown. I think this is because I am new and can't transfer from win to linux. Is there a way to automatically compile from Windows to Linux?


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2012/10/15 Kamen Ketev  kamenlist at abv.bg >:

> I install Lazarus from  Debian Repository  under Ubuntu and compyle new

> project without problem.

is the 0.9.30 version from the Debian repositories better than the

0.9.30 from the Ubuntu repositories? The Ubuntu version is missing all

.lpk files in the components directory and because of this refusing to

start without errors, it is missing a dependency on fpc-source which

must therefore be installed manually, it is constantly trying to save

a config file /usr/lib/lazarus/ which is of

course not writable by user and if you finally get it running it will

not compile anything - not even the empty default project - because it

cannot find unit interfaces.



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