[Lazarus] Viewing interface object in debugger

Martin lazarus at mfriebe.de
Fri Oct 19 11:24:37 CEST 2012

On 19/10/2012 00:20, Benito van der Zander wrote:
> type
> ITest = interface
> end;
> TTest = class(TInterfacedObject, ITest)
>   a: integer;
> end;
> var c : TTest;
>     i : ITest;
> begin
>   c := TTest.Create;
>   c.a := 42;
>   i := c;
>   writeln(c.a);
> end.
> Evaluating "i" only shows <ITEST> = {
> <IUNKNOWN> = {},
>   }
> but what I want to see is something like it prints for "c" (or both 
> together):
> <TTEST> = {
> <TOBJECT> = {
>       _vptr$TOBJECT = $671c10},
>     FREFCOUNT = 1,
>     REFCOUNT = 1},
>   A = 42}
> (although I just noticed that ttest((pointer(i)) - 0x20) prints that, 
> but is that reliable?
> it will probably break if a class implements multiple interfaces)

My research shows, that the offset is variable (depends on size of class 
and amount of interfaces). Also it can not be derived, except by 
As for the memory layout, the answer is always do not rely on it. It has 
gone wrong for others before.

However in gdb there is a way to get the class name (but not the instance)
 >info symbol ppointer(i)^
VTBL_UNIT1_TMYCLASS_$_IMYDELEGATE in section .data of 
You can see the address has debug info, and it includes the class name.
However since pascal identifiers can have underscores too, extracting 
the name may not always be simple

As for the data. WARNING: applies only to current fpc(s). May change at 
any time, even depending on settings, or target CPU... Who knows.....
The variable points to the Virtual message table of the interface.
Disassemble one of the methods:
 >disassemble (^ppointer(intfdelegate)^+3)^
Dump of assembler code for function 
    0x004287e0 <+0>:  sub    $0xc,%eax
    0x004287e3 <+3>:  jmp    0x428710 <TMYCLASS__DOTHIS>
the first "sub" gives the offset = 12.

So as a human, you can try to find it.
But since nothing of this is reliable, it will not be implemented.

You can ask the fpc team, to add the offset to the data structure, in a 
way that is guaranteed not to change.

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