[Lazarus] OI component treeview is now less usable

Ludo Brands ludo.brands at free.fr
Sun Oct 21 12:23:31 CEST 2012

> Please! Object inspector is now totally broken, with multiple 
> crashes, fields disappearing, treeview displaying multiple 
> "ghost" items... Currently as a workagound I edit lfm files 
> by hand instead of using form designer, but is slows my work 
> down substantially.
Same here with 39147. I have a pqconnection on a form. When I click on the
component on the form the Name property is not shown. When selecting the
same componenent in the OI tree, Name appears but when changing the name, an
access violation is raised when pressing enter. Zconnection from zeoslib has
6 properties that show this behavior. 

2nd problem. Clicking on pqconnection on the form highlights in the OI tree
a pqconnection "owned" by the form and a pqconnection "referenced" by
SQLQuery1. Clicking on one of the highlighted pqconnections in the tree
causes a "List index (1) out of bounds." exception. Other than the bug,
conceptually I don't understand this mixture of "owned by" and "referenced
by" relationship in the tree view. Confusion galore! 
On top of that the view is not coherent in that a reference to a
pqconnection on another form or datamodule is not shown in the tree. Only
references to components on the current form are shown.

Windows XP.

If you want I can raise a bug but mantis is not the place to discuss
conceptual decisions.


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