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Antonio Fortuny a.fortuny at sitasoftware.lu
Wed Oct 24 16:42:55 CEST 2012

Le 24/10/2012 15:14, Michael Schnell a écrit :
> IHMO, the optimum way to handle waiting on sockets, pipes, asnyc
> interfaces and similar stuff is to do a blocking read in a thread, use
> QueueAsyncCall() to notify the main thread (i.e. throw an event) when
> something has arrived and use a TThreadList (or something similar) to
> transfer the data from the worker thread to the main thread.
I know Indy does something like that too. But i'm afraid to go inside. 
In my vision, the wait with timeout problem is simply moved into a 
thread. The application has still to wait on something to happe.
Because the client application can be blocked waiting for an answer from 
the TCP/IP server, it is acceptable that the user waits for something to 

I gonna try to use an Event tied to a timer and the socket receive event.

Timer.Enabled := True;

On another hand, when the timer fires, it will execute in the event code:

and when the socket has received all the message

Question is: The two pieces of code for the timer(1) and the socket(2) 
will they be active when the main thread enters the wait state thru the 
WaitForSingleObject ?
No problem for the timer, it is the OS responsiblity to run, but the 
socket ?

The last idea is to move the socket into a thread so it can run 
independently of the application and set the Event when either all data 
has benn rea od the timer fires.

> I do know that this works fine with Windows and Linux.
> I have no idea about CE (and never will).
> -Michael
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