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Mark Morgan Lloyd markMLl.lazarus at telemetry.co.uk
Mon Oct 29 12:23:39 CET 2012

Santiago A. wrote:

> Using a remote Xwindows server (Are there good Xwindows server for win32?)
> Making a web application using ExtJs

Doctrine has it that the X protocol isn't very good over long-distance 
comms, i.e. anything other than an in-memory or LAN connection; it might 
be improved if tunneled e.g. over SSH. I've used it over a modem link in 
the past but I might have been lucky, and I don't think that luck has 
any place in the sort of scenario you're considering. An adequate Win-32 
X client is XMing, noting that recent versions aren't entirely free (as 
I understand it).

Alternatives are something like VNC (check the encryption situation), a 
proprietary protocol between frontend and middleware (e.g. text 
command-response via an SSH tunnel), some sort of webapp with a browser 
at the user end, or the app running entirely at the user end with 
(encrypted) comms to a backend database (note that PostgreSQL and I 
believe Firebird allow the database to advise the app that attention is 

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