[Lazarus] Remote application

Ludo Brands ludo.brands at free.fr
Mon Oct 29 12:22:49 CET 2012

> Using a remote Xwindows server (Are there good Xwindows 
> server for win32?) Making a web application using ExtJs
> Any hint? New ideas? Experiences?
Xming is one of the better Xservers for windows. I'm running since
a while on XP sp2 but from time to time it crashes which is quite annoying.
I'm also quite disappointed in running lazarus gtk apps over an X tunnel.
Screen updates are very very slow, even with a fast local network
connection. A simple form takes sometimes seconds to load completely. You
see an empty form and then after a wait, all components are shown.
Refreshing after masking the window is also very slow. This is not an Xming
problem but a lazarus widgetset problem. The same happens on linux clients.
GTK LCL apps are generating simply too much traffic. Haven't tried QT.


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