[Lazarus] Problems with Win8 x64

Andrew Brunner atbrunner at aurawin.com
Mon Oct 29 16:59:01 CET 2012

On 10/29/2012 09:47 AM, Vincent Snijders wrote:
> Why? If it was not fixable at that time? We don't create the linker,
> nor the debugger.

I have no idea about linker and debugger idiosyncrasies.
I don't know myself.  I am merely pointing out facts.

> It is a known issue for me. There even is a bug report about it. Just
> nobody willing to work on it. And this is  so easy to do for a user.
> Simply rename the Lazarus directory and update the environment options
> accordingly and see what breaks. For example debugging, external
> linker, resource compiling. I think it is better now, because a lot
> things have been tested when compiling projects in paths with spaces.

Ok.  There are issues.  There has to be progress and resolution
to move forward.

> It is better.

Just go give you perspective here.  The enemy is NEVER better.
And this particular one is as bad as it gets.

> Do you care? Then test.

Reality check here.  I've been developing / reporting  because of 
Aurawin for about 7 years.
Sometimes my project has had to wait for Lazarus developers to further 
the platform.  There
are times I have prayed for help for you guys to get further along 
faster.  I have invested my
time and money into Aurawin which depends on Lazarus and FPC.

I have been offering oversight and strategy hints for years.

> Fine, that doesn't hurt me.
> And still nobody bothered to test if it works in a directory with
> spaces. IMHO it is a nice to have, so I won't spend time on testing,
> just on disabling it

This issue will affect me, as I plan to release 2 open source projects.  
Others trying to
build Aurawin projects from source will find it impossible.  And that is 
ok (for now).
As a substitute at least I MUST be able to release binary distros.

Personally, I can live without windows support.  But some users cannot.
While I can see how windows is becoming more and more deprecated,
having no Windows cloud sync software is a problem.

Andrew Brunner

Aurawin LLC

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