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Santiago A. svaa at ciberpiula.net
Mon Oct 29 18:49:48 CET 2012

El 29/10/2012 18:43, Bernd escribió:
> NX also has the advantage you can just forward one application only,
> not the entire desktop. A possible setup would be: * write the
> application in Lazarus as usual, compile and install it on a Linux box
> (so that it would operate normally if a local user sitting in front of
> this linux pc started it it locally) * install ssh server and freenx
> on this linux machine * create a user account for every remote user
> with normal linux administration tools. * install nx client on the
> windows machine, configure it so that on login it will start your
> application (not the desktop session, only your application. It will
> behave similar to old school X11 tunneling a single application
> through an SSH tunnel, only 1000 times faster and workable even on 56k
> modem connections. It will *not* start a full desktop session for
> every user, it will essentially only start your application as the
> only process for that user and will seamlessly integrate all its
> windows into the client desktop. Its easy to use for your users,
> essentially the user just clicks an icon, enters his password, clicks
> ok and a few seconds later your application will pop up on his
> desktop. you don't need to design the application in any special way,
> you just need to make it work on Linux/GTk2 (or Qt). Setup of nx on
> the server is a childs play, at least on ubuntu, the last time i
> installed it from scratch I did not need to configure anything, it
> just worked, just make sure you can reach your ssh-server from the
> outside). Technically it works like this: * client logs in via
> ordinary ssh, gets a remote shell on the server * client executes
> (through that remote shell) a script that starts nx display proxy
> (yes, there is no permanent nx server process running and waiting,
> only a thin wrapper gets started through the ssh shell for each user
> after login, thats why the only thing that needs to be configured is
> the ssh server) and then it starts your application. * display and
> user interaction for this application (and all its child processes and
> windows) will then be tunneled through the same ssh connection. --
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Thank you very much, that is exactly what I wanted.
What about performance and latency?


svaa at ciberpiula.net

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