[Lazarus] Indy library in Lazarus 1.0 and Linux

Ruben Valls rvalls at equipson.es
Mon Sep 10 13:44:55 CEST 2012

After some tries, I managed to install the Indy library into Lazarus.
After rebuilding the Lazarus IDE, all the Indy components appeared in the
"Components List".

But when I try to drag one of them (TIdUDPClient), an error message appears
and I have to close the IDE:

Invalid character set (ASCII)
Press accept to ignore
Press cancel to close the program

If I ignore, it appears over and over again, until I press Cancel, and then
the entire IDE is closed.

I also tried to creating the component by code (in the form's OnCreate
event) and it seems to work fine.

I am using Lazarus v1.0 and the current Indy trunk snapshot (downloaded
today). I am in Linux Ubuntu 64 bits.

Do you have any suggestion / workaround?

Thank you in advance,
Best regards,
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