[Lazarus] Find declaration bug?

patspiper patspiper at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 21:33:34 CEST 2012


I am not sure if this is the intended behaviour, and hence my post.

Under Ubuntu 11.04:

Create a new project, set its Target OS (Code Generation) to win32 and 
set LCLWidgetType to Win32 in IDE Macro Values. Add unit seri and try 
autocomplete. Code Tools will not suggest anything as expected since the 
FPC serial unit is unix only. Complete it manually to serial. Hovering 
the mouse over 'Serial' will show the hint:

Right clicking / Find Declaration will open the serial unit, when it is 
not available for Win32. Right click/Open File at Cursor opens it too as 
expected. Should Find Declaration open it in the first place?


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