[Lazarus] Writing application that sends things into facebook

Ludo Brands ludo.brands at free.fr
Tue Sep 4 10:39:29 CEST 2012

> Ludo,
> If you want to and your license allows it to, we can add your 
> OAuth2 code to my existing fpctwit repository (if possible 
> perhaps rename it to fpcoauth).... with some big caveats in 
> the readme about oauth2 being not one standard but many etc...
> Regards,
> Reinier aka BigChimp

Thanks, I have already created a google code repo for it. I'm cleaning up
the demo app and adding some instructions to the code. Probably today I'll
upload the code and publish the link. 
It really is Oauth2 according to Google and the re-usability for other
Oauth2 protocols is limited to picking up some ideas and very little code.
The bulk of the code is calendar api related and class hierarchy from/to
json streaming using rtti (which can be re-used in other apps). It also
includes a tool to assist in the creation of class definitions starting from
the Google specs (json resource representation). So very little in common
with fpctwit/plurk.

Thanks, Ludo

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