[Lazarus] issues with Lazarus Qt

Martin lazarus at mfriebe.de
Tue Sep 4 20:04:55 CEST 2012

On 04/09/2012 18:59, zeljko wrote:
> On Tuesday 04 of September 2012 18:43:20 ik wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'ved recently tried to use Lazarus 1.1 with Qt version.
>> While it looks native and really cool in my KDE, I had few issues with it:
>> 1. Font rendering with TSynEdit - It had a lot of issues to display
>> the end of a char at the end of a "word" that after it there was
>> space, dot etc ...
> Example ? I didn't test latest trunk with changes in SynEdit ...

Use any propartional font.

Then SynEdit adds the charwidth data to force it into the grid.

The issue does not happen with a monospaced font.
So most people will not noticed. (Proportional fonts look real ugly in 
SynEdit, due to extreme x-spacing between all chars)

>> 2. The selecting of text in SynEdit, changes the length of the font.
>> So the text moving.
> Never seen such problem

>> 4. The menus are flickering, and even changing the focus of other windows
> Not all menus, but Window-> menu and that's qt bug (I guess because of
> checkboxes in it).

Was that always the case? I never noted before..
Ok I very seldom use it. But I test every now and then, and since I 
build via the toos menu, I do use the menu whenever I test.

And now it is so extreme, there is no way I would not have noticed.

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