[Lazarus] Charset in TSdfDataSet

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I have recently dealt with a CSV file and accents.
I concluded that the TSdfDataSet had no problem with reading the file; I
was using a TMemo to show the strings and to see them correctly I had to
write something like this:

   Memo.Lines.Text := UTF8Encode(SdfDataSet.Fields[0].AsString)

I'm no expert at all, especially about string encoding, so maybe someone
else could better explain what we should with the string format in the
DataSet and in the LCL components, but that should make you work in the


2012/9/6 GLBX <LBX at swing.be>

> **
> Hi !
> First time I am here. Hope I do well with posting my question here.
> Working with a CSV file encoded with accents in French (é, è, ô, etc...),
> how can I change the charset for the TSdfDataSet in order to see those
> accents and not the ? replacing char?
> Thanks for your answer !
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