[Lazarus] error compile Lazarus svn

Mark Morgan Lloyd markMLl.lazarus at telemetry.co.uk
Wed Sep 12 09:29:51 CEST 2012

waldo kitty wrote:

>>>> C:\lazarus\lcl\intfgraphics.pas(641,49) Error: Identifier not found 
>>>> "TTiffIFD"

> hahaha... i *knew* that i had seen other posts about that problem but i 
> got sidetracked and my message was waiting to be sent for over an 
> hour... i should have searched those other lists in my thunderbird 
> before sending it :?
>> What we need is a "I've just committed something to
>> svn trunk which breaks it for 2.6.x, normal service will be resumed 
>> shortly"
>> button.
> hehehe... that, too!! :LOL:

Feeding that error message to Google results in one hit- a months-old 
bug report in Mantis that's now closed.

Now granted that this issue has arisen when somebody's trying to 
recompile Lazarus from the command line rather than from inside the IDE, 
but I wonder if there would be some way to extract error messages from 
reported bugs and have an "is this a known problem?" button?

In any event, having to know exactly what revision of FPC to use 
for/with Lazarus is a problem, and the potential of having (temporarily) 
broken Lazarus revisions is a bigger one.

Mark Morgan Lloyd
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