[Lazarus] OnGuard - Install

Graeme Geldenhuys graeme at geldenhuys.co.uk
Fri Sep 14 00:50:59 CEST 2012

On 13/09/12 22:12, Marcos Douglas wrote:
> Anyone here use the OnGuard?

Yup, we use it in our current projects.

> https://lazarus-ccr.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/lazarus-ccr/components/onguard

I have my own maintained OnGuard repository. Most commits I made was to 
support fpGUI, but there was some code clean-up and reorganising as 
well. eg: There are now separate runtime and design time packages, 
making it possible to use OnGuard in console or CGI apps too (this was 
one of our company requirements).

Here is a summary list of commits I have in my OnGuard repository.

d064080 2012-04-18 EOL style was mixed in this unit. Now it is consistent.
2d5679b 2012-04-18 Moved LCL specific source units into a 'lcl' 
1916812 2012-04-18 Code formatting and removed pointless code comment 
(revision) tags
02cc430 2012-04-18 Fixes midSystem under Linux's CreateMachineID()
1918fef 2012-04-18 Temporary disabled midDrives under Linux's 
4013a7b 2012-04-18 Implement midUser in Linux version of CreateMachineID()
e0c5fbc 2012-04-18 Removed Win16 CreateMachineID() implementation.
2db55c8 2012-04-18 Fixes spelling mistake in code comment
0aab958 2012-04-18 Added $AppType to make sure the app is a GUI app 
under Windows.
702521f 2012-04-18 tponguard.lpk package is now a Runtime-only package
97e3632 2011-05-14 Further implementation to Code Generation form.
c19aaed 2011-05-14 Moved 'exdmod' example into 'lcl/exdmod' directory.
aacc764 2011-05-14 Updated demo 'exdmod' to work with Lazarus 0.9.30 and 
FPC 2.4.3
f6faa4f 2011-05-13 Added a new "gui" package for use with fpGUI toolkit.
2f5c6eb 2011-05-13 new Code Generation example implemented for the fpGUI 
95edb45 2011-05-13 new Key Maintenance example implemented for the fpGUI 
d3e898d 2011-05-13 Hide all debug calls behind IFDEF statements.
e4ef01c 2011-05-13 Code Generation form (fpGUI) completed for 
TogDateCode usage.
d87ab3f 2011-05-13 Further impovements and implementation details to the 
(fpGUI) GUI forms.
2073cbf 2011-05-13 minor tweak to package settings
db25832 2011-05-13 latest standards are to use lowercase file names
8330153 2011-05-13 Created forms used for generating keys
b94b5f4 2011-05-11 add more ideas for identifying markers and HDD serial 
27bb491 2011-05-11 added a gitignore control file
23e35af 2010-02-10 some other ideas to implement
532da37 2010-02-10 Split single packages into two packages
028abe8 2010-02-10 Used when building console applications.
05f7104 2010-02-09 Initial commit. A conversion of SubVersion to Git.

I must admit, I haven't tested with LCL recently, but I definitely know 
the core (non-GUI parts) of OnGuard definitely works under Linux and 
Windows, 32- and 64-bit systems.

If you want, you can grab a copy from my repository on GitHub.


If you don't have Git installed, you can grab a zip archive (snapshot) 
of the latest code - also found in the above URL. Just click the ZIP button.

The maintainers of the Lazarus-CCR version is welcome to merge changes 
from my repository if they want.

   - Graeme -

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