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Graeme Geldenhuys graeme at geldenhuys.co.uk
Sun Sep 16 21:18:00 CEST 2012

On 16/09/12 20:06, Krzysztof wrote:
> I've never heard about LCL-fpGUI. What is this?

It is a Lazarus LCL widgetset backend. It is a LCL interface to other 
toolkits just like LCL-Qt, LCL-GTK1, LCL-GTK2, LCL-CustomDrawn, 
LCL-Cocoa, LCL-Carbon.

Native fpGUI: This is when you only use fpGUI Toolkit - no LCL. This is
            when you get the true power of fpGUI and single source
            development, with very low dependencies.
LCL-fpGUI: This is when you use LCL, and told the Lazarus IDE to
            compile your project for the fpGUI Toolkit backend.

> I can mix standard LCL controls with fpGUI?


> How to install it?

LCL-fpGUI comes standard with Lazarus, but it is still in Alpha state. 
Many feature still need to be implemented before it can truly be used to 
compile any LCL application. There is no dedicated developer working on 
this, hence progress is slow. It's not a difficult task though. I simply 
don't have the time, as fpGUI, tiOPF, FPTest, OnGuard, my daytime job, 
and my family keeps me rather busy. I do occasionally supply LCL-fpGUI 
patches though.

   - Graeme -

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